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Location 30083 : Location 30083 : Inside M25 / 11.4 Mi (18.3 km) /Twickenham/Richmond upon Thames/TW12 :

This is a former missile testing station converted into a highly modern family home

The theme throughout is minimalism in keeping with the military function of the original function. Predominantly a white circular walled design around a central circular bunker, with steps leading down to what is now an ornamental pond. Living space occupyies one third of the circle, all set in two concentric circular elegant landscaped and tree lined gardens, secluded from nearby housing. Exterior style is mainly large glass windows and patios, set in white concrete in a stylish metal framework. Interior is light open plan spaces, furnished with modern LED lighting and some stylish copper light shades and steel framed comfortable leather furniture. Worktops are coloured glass and stainless steel, with a very stylish stainless steel fitted kitchen in an ultra modern style with an central island and breakfast bar. A metal spiral staircase off the kitchen/ living space leads upstairs to the ultra modern minimilist styled bedrooms and and bathroom. There is also an offset basement, with skylight, and is much as the military left it. Hard rough surfaced concrete walls and pillars, dark and stark. The house frontage and entrance has been designed in a more sympathetic style with an elegant landscaped driveway leading through as walled garden to a unusually designed wrought iron gate. The walled gardens are in two concentric rings and inner partial white wall and outer garden full brick wall.

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